advising families with young children on educational and developmental issues
Every parent wants what's best for their child.
But it isn't always clear what is best when your child is struggling.
Meredith Jaeckel, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker,
has years of first hand experience working with children who need a little extra help or have special needs.

About Meredith

Meredith helps families understand their child's unique challenges and gets them pointed in the right direction.

She partners with parents to create a roadmap, identifying and taking advantage of the best of the abundant public and private resources available in the Greater Washington DC Metro Area.

Meredith delivers customized solutions for the unique needs of each family, including:

  • Assessing their child's individual strengths, challenges, and needs
  • Helping families assess the pros and cons of pursuing public vs private therapies and/or support services
  • Matching families with appropriate private evaluators and service providers
  • Reviewing evaluation reports and advising families on next steps
  • Walking families through the Child Find process
  • Assisting families who are pursuing special education services or a 504 plan
  • Reviewing IEPs and preparing families for IEP meetings
  • Case managing a team of private providers as necessary
  • Helping families evaluate school placement options
More About Meredith

Meredith Jaeckel, LCSW is an educational counselor who has worked first hand with children since 1999. Meredith graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a Bachelors degree in Child and Family Studies and from the University of Chicago with a Masters degree in Social Work with a specialization in School Social Work. Meredith has presented at annual conferences of the Learning Disabilities Association of America on topics relating to behavior, classroom management, and social skills development for children with special needs.

Meredith has worked in public and private schools in Illinois and the DC Metro area. While working at a private school for elementary-aged children with learning disabilities in Washington DC, she developed close relationships with the families of her students. Over and over, she heard parents tell stories of their heartache and worry while they worked to understand their child's unique needs and identify the best possible services. Parents talked of navigating the process alone, doing their very best but still struggling to cobble together support from other parents, friends and service providers. Meredith believes we can and should do better for parents and children.

Meredith launched Meredith Jaeckel Consulting with that goal in mind, and brings her education and experience together to offer parents and children a trusted counselor with knowledge of child development, the school system, the special education process and related services who could act as a guide and single point of reference for the sometimes dizzying maze of evaluations and services.

Meredith lives in Arlington, Virginia with her husband, two children, and Dudley the dog. Meredith and her husband are proud to be raising two small but dedicated Badger fans.


  • “ (That winter) I was so worried and feeling all alone. I knew something was wrong, but I didn't know what. I knew after our first phone call that I wasn't alone anymore.”
  • “ Meredith is a lovely, warm person who takes the time to listen.”
  • “ She took the time to meet and befriend our son (in fact, the whole family)”
  • “ Above everything else, the greatest benefit of working with you is the feeling of not being alone during this daunting process”
  • “ Thanks to her expertise, knowledge and extensive experience we were able to negotiate appropriate goals and services for our son.”
  • “ The combination of her expertise as an advisor, advocate and school consultant is one I have yet to find with anyone else.”
  • “ She is a valued resource to our family and we feel lucky to have her on our team.”
  • “ When we had challenges with our [son] at home, Meredith gathered all of the experts working with [him] and led a team meeting to help us find solutions”